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The Jan Kiepura Mazovian Music Theatre
It has been already nine years since the Mazovian Voivodeship Council brought into existence the Jan Kiepura Mazovian Music Theatre (Mazowiecki Teatr Muzyczny im. Jana Kiepury – aka MTM). The originator and the initiator of the theatre was Włodzimierz Izban – curretnly its Managing and Artistic Director. He created the new theatre from scratch, following the example of the most famous music stages of Vienna and Berlin.
The opening performance of the Jan Kiepura Mazovian Music Theatre was Johann Strauss’ „The Bat” directed by Andrzej Strzelecki, staged on September 17th 2005.
MTM is an impresario theatre. Thanks to that the MTM management can each time hire the best singers, conductors, musicians, directors and actors available in Poland.
Throughout five seasons there were 7 premieres:
“The Bat” dir. by Andrzej Strzelecki,
“The Bat” dir. by Wiesław Ochman;
“The Merry Widow” dir. by Andrzej Strzelecki,
“The Csardas Princess” dir. by Márta Mészáros,
“Countess Maritza” dir. by Márta Mészáros,
“A Child in the Land of Music” – an educational spectacle dir. by Włodzimierz Izban, “Chopin – Music and Love” – a music solo performance written and directed by Włodzimierz Izban to mark Chopin Jubilee Year 2010
as well as  4 concert projects by Włodzimierz Izban:
“Polish Tenors – Tribute to Jan Kiepura”
“The New Year Concert” in the Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall
“Operetta for Varsovians. The Easter Edition”
“Polish Baroque Music” in cooperation with the chorus of the Poznan Philharmonic
- The Poznań Nightingales conducted by professor Stefan Stuligrosz.
Addtionally the MTM theatre organizes occasional concerts such as:
“Soldier’s Requiem” by Marek Sewen - a concert dedicated to the victims of the Katyń massacre (the hosts: Anna Seniuk and Jerzy Zelnik, performed by: united choruses of the MTM and Warsaw Philharmonic)
“Irena Santor’s Birthday” – a benefit performance of the famous Polish artist’s 50th career anniversary and  her 75th birthday.
„Beatus Vir” – a concert dedicated to the Pope John Paul II (beatified the same month), with Jerzy Maksymiuk conducting 85 person Warsaw Philharmonic Chorus.
Apart from staging, the MTM is a co-publisher of CD and DVD albums.
“The Bat” is the first CD in history containing the full stage version of any operetta in Polish language ever recorded. The recorded material was performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Chorus and the Polish Radio Orchestra conducted by Jerzy Maksymiuk.
The disc was the annual Polish Phonographic Academy Fryderyk Music Award 2005 nominee in the Album of the Year – Vocal Music category.
Another publication is the “Polish Tenors – Tribute to Jan Kiepura” with attached booklet about Jan Kiepura by Wacław Panek.
“Polish Baroque Music” (CD/DVD double disc edition) – from a live concert of the MTM Orchestra and The Poznań Nightingales chorus conducted by professor Stefan Stuligrosz. This publication was nominated to the annual Polish Phonographic Academy Fryderyk Music Award 2008 in the Album of the Year – Choral and Oratorio Music category.
In June 2010 we issued “Irena Santor’s Birthday” which is the recording of this famous Polish artist’s jubilee concert. The best known Polish vocalists and singers such as: Krzysztof Cugowski, Michał Bajor, Grażyna Łobaszewska, Kayah, Ewa Bem, Małgorzata Walewska, Piotr Friebe, Krystian Krzeszowiak and Arnold Rutkowski took part in the concert.
The MTM theatre cooperates also with art agencies and theatres from all over the world. During our New Year Concerts the audience could see and listen to such excellent artists like: Salvatore Licitra from Metropolitan Opera, Vittorio Vitelli from La Scala in Milan, Angelo Antonio Poli from Dresden Opera, Luz del Alba from Uruguay, virtuoso Vadim Brodski or eminent soloists of the Vienna Staatsopera Ballet: Olga Esina i Vladimir Shishov. 
The MTM guest starred also in Lviv, Bratislava and Bern during the International Music Theatre Festival. We also plan some big concert tours in Europe and Asia.
On March 27th 2010 - on the International Theatre Day – the MTM’s first permanent stage went live, the The Bielany Chamber Stage [Bielańska Scena Kameralna –  aka BSK].
In the new audience classic music concerts, chamber concerts, solo performances recitals and educational music performances for children are staged. The repertoire of the “Tomasz Kammel presents:  Music Rules!” series is on masterpieces of classical music and focuses on enhancing children’s musicality.
The MTM spectacles can be seen not only in Warsaw but on the Poland’s greatest stages as well.
We have opened several times the carnival season in Poznań Opera Theater. We are an often guest of Płock Drama Theatre. We performed in the Forest Opera in Sopot and Polish Baltic Philharmonic in Gdańsk. Popularization of musical comedy – especially in smaller towns of Mazovia region – is one of our objectives we try to focus on.
Being invited by Jurek Owsiak (Poland’s most famous charity activist and the organizer of the Woodstock Festival Poland), we have performed twice on Woodstock Festival concerts in Kostrzyń upon Oder. During the 14th “Woodstock Festival” Wiesław Ochman compered a symphony concert with 7 tenors taking part in. This risky challenge appeared a huge success. The rock audience of 200 000 people rewarded the artists with an unending applause.
On the 15th “Woodstock Festival Poland”, during the jubilee “Woodstock ‘ 69” concert,
the MTM soloists, its chorus and orchestra performed together with rock singers and rock musicians. The artists played the greatest hits of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Joe Coker, Peter Gabriel and Metallica. This unique concert was watched by 400 000 people.
On the same Festival our theatre staged “The Merry Widow” where alter alia Krzysztof Tyniec and Bohdan Łazuka were starring.
Mazovian Music Theatre in cooperation with the Sosnowiec city authorities (Sosnowiec is Kiepura’s birthplace) organized in May 2009 the 1st Jan Kiepura European Tenor Competition. 18 tenors from all over the world took part in this event. The winner (Arnold Rutkowski, Poland) and the runners-up (Kirlianit Cortes – Galvez, Colombia and Adam Sobierajski, Poland) sang also during the Jan Kiepura Music Theatre Awards Gala where the annual awards were given to the outstanding personalities of the theatre branch.
On June 1st 2009 the Mazovian Music Theatre launched its radio station.
On our website you can turn on and listen to RADIO OPERETKA
Enjoy and stay tuned!

Mazowiecki Teatr

im. Jana Kiepury
tel. 022 896-00-00